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4th Nov, 2008

Fuck yeah!

Must be patient...

Just because I voted doesn't mean we can skip everyone else. that and I can't weigh in on prop 8 with my mind powers. Grr. However, the promise of watching the returns whilst eating chili dogs and listening to Olbermann and Colbert/Stewart in stereo has me unnaturally happy with my evening plans, and I can always leave voicemails to my Californian hombres to do the right thing or pay the consequences of making me very very sad...


On a side note I think I've broken my F5 key today..

Cats: A new Hope

The cats have found a home!!


If anyone within reading distance is willing or capable to take in one or two female cats for a permanent home please let me know. Our apartment has decided to enforce it's pet policy and we are one toe over the line in terms of complying. We have Galadriel, a 5-6 yr old Female longhair, front declawed and extremely grey elven. We also have Starbuck, 1 yr old shorthair Female, fully intact but housebroken. This may be pointless, but at the very least I tried, right? They need to be out by Wednesday night, or they will be going to the Coon Rapids AHS for adoption. If you are capable but not right away we can make arrangements, within reason. Thanks :)

6 hrs...

Got it read it. Whew. My eyes hurt though.

Back to the Torchwood/Voyager cycle for me!


Harry likes Treacle Pies. Aw snap!

People are fragile.. like teacups

New Heroes last night.. woo! It was very good. In the epic battle of Battlestar Galactica and Heroes for my shard of precious attention/affection I believe that Heroes is the clear and absolute victor. It's the difference in DMing a game for people who are really devoted to the setting, or those who simply want to RP getting smashed and/or whoring. Not to say that Galactica does not have it's moments- -scattered as they may be. My only hope is that the plot will reweave itself in a coherent and entertaining fashion soon... but it seems unlikely. Either way I have noticed a general increase in my affection for gaming as of late that can only mean it is getting warmer out. Maybe hibernation is almost over?

Side note-

Everyone needs to read World War Z. Josh I am looking at you...

mm mm zombies.

It's so cold!

It is not the coldest it has been, but my tolerance is out the window. I can't wait until 40 feels like an arctic freeze. I reread all of my old LJ posts, and am glad I have progressed past quizzes.. I think. Still, I need to post more regularly so I can make fun of myself in 2 years more effectively.

Last night we went to Sam's Club and purchased a new chair, so I can sit like real people at the computer. Small accomplishment I know, but for the past month I have been using the pod- -my affectionate term for a makeshift pillow nest in the corner. My back is already thanking me :)So tonight is super productivity night! Last night was super geek night as we got caught up on Death Note (awesome) Naruto (growing up!) and Hana Yori Dango (mushy squushy).. I love geek nights. If you have not read or seen I encourage you to watch Death Note. It is an anime based on the premise of a prodigy teenage student who happens upon a notebook. The catch is the notebook is the gift and tool of a Shinigami (Death God) who grants the instant or incredibly detailed death of anyone entered into the notebook. Wacky hijinks ensue! It is very good, and is actually pretty unwacky. Plus the intro song is catchy catchy. In my next life I hope to be an angsty bishonen. At least for a weekend :)


I love when I realize I do pointless things like nod in agreement when on the phone. Or that a new conversational tic of mine has become saying "So it's that" to start sentences. Any sentence. I think my newfound deep, spiritual understanding of Japanse particles has wreaked unnecessary havok on my grammar parade. Spending Friday and Saturday nights subtitling videos of a country whose language I barely understand audially is just suicide. Still, it's strangely fun in a poking the cactus sort of way. Work was Monday part 2, but pulled through in the end. Oftentimes I think I would be better off just not asking questions and kicking out everyone for a week to give myself time to get everything done. It is something worth trying once it gets nicer outside, I think.

Top Chef finale tomorrow! Or Wii Sports night with the mighty midget. We finally got our Wii from Target last friday thanks to http://crayz.org/target_wii.php?zip=55432 and the might of my cougar (now with fresh tabs and oil change!) Alex and I have put some serious points on our profiles and suffice to say my 5 year old is a total phenom when it comes to console based sports. We need Wario:SM though to complete the geek. Soon...

I look like David Bowie today..

So I managed to tear a contact by sheer Monday power. This is not a good reason to quit your job, but it almost worked. I wish I was still in bed!:( Always remember that when in a jam, and when you really need it Illustrator secretly hates you. It's true.